Welcome to Eagle Vet Kenya Limited Website

Eagle Vet Kenya Limited has evolved into a widely known, respected importer and distributor of animal health products for cattle, swine, poultry, horses and companion animals through our dedication to customers and the innovative spirit since establishment.

Eagle Vet Kenya Limited deals in products that have the best ingredients with high quality manufacturing operation and technical know how. In that way, Eagle Vet Kenya Limited offers a wide range of Antibiotics, Anthelmintics, Antibacterials, Nutrients Vitamin additives and other feed additives.


These products are well formulated and manufactured as injectables, soluble powders, oral liquids, tablets and disinfectants to be conveniently and effectively used. We believe our focused products best meet drastic challenges in an ever changing healthcare environment.

Eagle Vet Kenya Limited  has also actively done marketing activities to meet ever rising demands. We provide added value through an experienced and highly knowledgeable field sales force to suit maximum satisfaction.

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Scope of Service

At the present, the company has been actively selling its high quality products to all counties in Kenya,Tanzania and Uganda where we have provided veterinarians, farmers, Animal health technicians, breeding farms and feed millers with wide range of quality products that ensure increased productivity. 


Although Eagle Vet Kenya has managed to retain the spirit of a small to medium‐sized enterprise, we owe our existence to the agro vet shops, leading pharmacies, feed millers and poultry breeding farms who support us. As a result, we are dedicated to providing them with the best possible products and services backed by a strong dedicated team of professional technical representatives who are are based at designated territories to offer efficient services.

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